Studio Time

The DESIS Philosophy Talks @Studio Time

The DESIS Philosophy Talks @Studio Time is a new travelling series of reflections and actions that will be held in different places around the world, involving scholars from a wide range of disciplines. The aim is to build collective intelligence reflecting on how design and the arts are helping to question the ideology of progress and open up new ways to see the past, present and future. This initiative is a collaboration between DESIS Network/DESIS Philosophy Talks and Z33 Research/Studio Time.




Z33 House for Contemporary Art organizes temporary exhibition projects both inside and outside of its premises. The projects we develop come from a very specific vision on art and design. The artworks, installations and projects we select are never just objects; they are thoughtful objects that contain critical visions, questions and reflections and offer pertinent statements about our current way of living. The projects and artists touch on specific societal issues and offer alternative visions, multiple voices, fluctuating meanings and interpretations that provoke us to re-think issues with a fresh and open mindset, an openness that is triggered by the imaginary and poetic character of art and design. Z33 Research Studios articulate larger topics and strands of thought that we work on in throughout exhibitions, productions and other artistic projects for a larger period of time. Z33Research is based on interdisciplinary thinking and are strongly focused on interlinking views from artists and designers with theoretical, scientific and philosophical thought and knowledge. The Z33Research website collects and connects all these different research threads, labelled under Studio Time, Studio Space and Studio Work.