DESIS Philosophy Talk #1.4: “Disruptive qualities” (continued)

The fourth DESIS Philosophy talk in the “Emerging qualities” series is a joint initiative of Linnaeus University’s School of Design (Sweden) and Social Spaces | CUO DESIS Lab (Belgium) which takes place on June 6th 2013, from 09:00 am – 12:00 am, within the context of the Cumulus Conference “Global Thinking – Local action – future life”
, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar (Sweden).

The DESIS Philosophy Talk #1.4: “Disruptive qualities” is the fourth talk in a series which took us from  Parsons, in New York, and Tongji University, in Shanghai, to the Politecnico di Milano, discussing sustainable qualities emerging worldwide in cases of social innovation. During the DESIS Philosophy Talk #1.4: “Disruptive qualities” we will zoom in further on the disruptive character which the aforementioned qualities share. Ezio Manzini, Victor Margolin and Virginia Tassinari will guide the discussion.

The session will take place within the context of a two-day workshop “Design and philosophy. Disruptive qualities. Emerging ideas of times, places, work and relationship. A design challenge”, led  by Ezio Manzini and Virginia Tassinari. It will be a moment of reconnection of the discussion of the DESIS Philosophy Talk with design practice. During the workshop there will be a specific focus on concrete cases of social innovation as seen through the lenses of the disruptive qualities, allowing participants to experience how the philosophical reflection can inspire and reinforce the practice of design for social innovation.