DESIS Philosophy Talk #7.3 The Politics of Nature: Designing Scenarios of Multi-species Collaborative Survivals

Opening event of the International Doctoral School “MORE-THAN-HUMAN FUTURES | Reframing design knowledge provotyping for human-non-human ecologies”, organised by the PhD programme in Design of Politecnico di Milano

Many designers are currently experimenting and “provotyping” more-than-human futures, to step out of an anthropocentric and patriarchal mindset, and to envision new ways to intend design’s political agency.

In the DESIS Philosophy Talk 7.3, we will have a glance at how anthropology is currently reflecting on the issues addressed in the Feral Atlas such as Anthropocene, feral, patchy, infrastructure, materiality, situated, gap. These concepts will be discussed in an informal conversation bringing into dialogue the experiences of design researchers working on more-than-human futures and building a discourse around their potential value and meaning.

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