Working our way out of the damaged now

Inside/Outside: Working our way out of the damaged now (Design as dialectics)

February 16 – March 30
Gallery talk with exhibitors March 1, 4–6pm, reception 6-7:30pm
Design Gallery
San Francisco State University

Inside/Outside: Working our way out of the damaged now (Design as dialectics) is a discourse manifested as an exhibition of experimental design work at the San Francisco State University Design Gallery from February 16 to March 30 with a discussion in the gallery on March 1 from 4-6pm. The exhibition is curated by Joshua Singer and Virginia Tassinari and is in collaboration with DESIS Philosophy Talk @Studio Time and LUCA School of Arts DESIS Lab.

Critical and speculative design, and design futures are practices that use design as a method to challenge our expectations and propose new ideas and encourage discourse. This is not the usual form of design that solves problems, improves, and persuades. It is a practice that uses design methods and creates design artifacts that provide critique and commentary on culture.  Inside/Outside: Design as Dialectics is a discourse within this practice with a specific philosophical question, on how design can reveal the unrealized potentialities of our world (as explicated by a passage by the Frankfurt philosopher Theodor Adorno.) The exhibition’s aim is to offer a dialogue on design as a practice that can “dialectically” change perceptions and reveal unexpressed potentialities. The theme, the concept, and the assumptions are experimental by nature. It is a proposition and its expectations are open ended and so the exhibition offers design that will surprise and challenge.

Featuring contributions by

Naama Agassi, Maxime Benvenuto, Gali Blay, John Calvelli, Junyun Chen, Laura Chessin, Mila Chorbadzhieva, Nathan Davis, Cassandra Ellison, Benjamin Gaydos, Zach Kaiser, Wioleta Kaminska, Geoff Kaplan & Gail Swanlund, Daniel McCafferty, Jeremy Mende, the Non-Proliferators (Valentina Branada, Elena Habre and Christian Smirnow), CAT Normoyle & Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Sören Rosenbak, Anika Sarin, Gregory Schmidt, Christopher Sisk, Francisco Jose Besa Vial, Adam Towbridge & Jessica Westbrook.